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When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him.

With 13 weeks to go until the wedding we are now beginning to look at our own skin concerns. At this point in the time line you would have found a clinic and nurse practitioner to carry out your treatments – luckily, I have my mum and sister, so I know I’m in very safe hands! ​

We each have different treatments to carry out before the wedding. ​


Bride – Skin peels on face, lip filler and cheek filler, anti-wrinkle injections
Mother of the bride – Skin peels on face and chest, anti-wrinkle injections, HIFU ​ (high intensity focused ultrasound), dermal fillers
Grandmother of the bride – Skin peels, HIFU Skin tightening, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers
Me – Dermaroller treatment, skin peels, dermal fillers on lips and chin ​
Erin – Skin peels and lip filler​
Sophie – Ormedic cleansing

The Bride​

As the wedding day approaches, Ashleigh has (understandably) had a stress breakout! Having never had problematic skin before, she was keen to get this under control. After a skin assessment it was decided that Ashleigh would need to calm and sooth her skin before starting any extensive peels. The Image Skin Care Ormedic range is excellent for balancing, soothing and nourishing your skin.

                                                                                                                                                             Ashleigh’s Skin Routine


Once Ashleigh’s skin was under control, she began a course of Image Skincare Acne peels. This peel helps to control oil production and prevent any new spots occurring. It is an ideal treatment for those with acne, or acne prone skin. ​She had 4 Image Skincare Acne peels and as you can see Ashleigh’s skin has improved massively. She will continue to use a mix of the Image Skincare Ormedic range, their Clear cell cleanser as well as the medicated Acne lotion and Prevention + Daily Moisturiser.

 The Clear Cell products contain Salicylic and will reduce oil/bacteria from pores, preventing breakouts. The Ormedic cleanser will continue to balance out Ashleigh’s skin. Once her skin has  normalised she will begin a new course of peels to brighten her complexion.



Mother of the bride​

Treatment: Perfection Lift Peels – Chest​

When considering anti-ageing, we often focus solely on our faces. However, when is comes to looking more youthful, treating other areas such as your decolletage (chest) and neck, will instantly make you look fresher. Your chest may look ‘creppy’ with visible age spots, this is often caused by sun damage, having larger boobs and sleeping on your side. All these contributing factors lead to an aged decolletage. ​

Lorna will have a course of Image Skin Care Perfection Lift Peels, it’s a treatment she has intended to to for some time now. When she was considering her dress for the wedding, she wanted to ensure her chest was treated. This peel requires preparation, Lorna began using Image Skin care Ageless cleanser to her chest. The cleansers glycolic properties will prepare her skin before the peel as it will exfoliate her skin and begin the peeling process. ​

Treatment 1.​

She had her first treatment carried out this week and described the peel as having “a slight tingle and some heat”. The Perfection Lift peel is a high-grade peel and you’d expect more of a sensation reaction than that described by Lorna. If you were treating your face you may feel, burning, itching and tingling. This can be defused by applying a fan to your face – allowing it to cool. The suggested recommendation is that a course of 4 peels are carried out every 4 weeks. However we will monitor Lorna’s results from week to week, as she may not need a full course of peels. It took 5 days for Lorna’s skin to begin peeling and already her skin appears brighter and feels much smoother and visible lines are beginning to fade.

Facial peels will be carried out closer to the wedding.

My mum will have dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections in the up coming months. ​



Grandmother of the Bride

Our Gran – Lynne, is in her late 60’s. She looks AMAZING.. but wants to brighten her face and look fresher for the wedding. She began using the Image Skincare MD kit mid February. The routine includes a cleanser, SPF moisturiser & daytime and night time serum. The MD range-  designed by plastic surgeons, delivers Lactic acid, Glycolic and Salicylic and Retinol. The routine will prepare her skin for peels closer to the wedding.


Lynne wanted to focus on skin tightening, as it is something that has bothered her, of recent years. After we were introduced to HIFU (high intensity focus ultrasound) we couldn’t wait for my Gran to have her first treatment.  HIFU is a non-invasive and painless method of skin tightening. It uses ultrasound energy to encourage collagen production – resulting in firmer skin.

Treatment 1.

As you can see from the results.  there has been a significant improvement in her jawline and neck. HIFU can be used on your face and body, tightening problem areas such as arms and stomach.





For the wedding I’d like to improve my skin texture, reduce pores and reduce oil. To combat this, my treatment plan includes skin peels and a dermaroller treatment. The dermaroller treatment doesn’t require any skin prep, however I’ll need to prep my skin before my course of peels. I currently use a mix of Image Skincare: Clear Cell Cleanser, Ormedic Cleanser,  Illuma Exfoliating Powder  & Daily Prevention + Matte Moisturiser. My skin is very oily and this skin routine leaves my skin feeling so clean, and removes any excess/built up oil. ​

2 weeks before my first peel I will need to change my routine and include the Ageless Cleanser. ​

All my filler procedures will be documented nearer the time, I’ll be having lip and chin filler. ​


Erin has an oily/dry combination skin, her skin goals are similar to mine, but she will not be having a dermaroller treatment. ​She will be following a similar skin routine until the wedding before her filler treatments.



As Sophie is only 15 – to ensure her skin remains blemish free before the wedding, she’ll be using Image Skincare Ormedic Cleanser.



Over the next few weeks I will continue to document our before and after pictures as we follow our treatment plans!

And for those of you who come to Butterfly MediSpa, thanks so much for listening to our stresses as the wedding fast approaches.

Thanks so much for reading,

Lauren x 


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