MicroNeedling - Dermaroller

Micro-needling, using a dermaroller or pen is an effective way of rejuvenating skin, treating scars and stretchmarks. It causes thousands of tiny micro needle columns to kick start collagen production. Skin nourishing products or PRP can be delivered to the deeper layers of the skin during this procedure.

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Important Bits

1. There is a wealth of clinical data to prove that micro-needling is effective and safe

2. Our staff are fully trained and have years of experience with this treatment

3. Minimal downtime, there will be some redness after treatment which will subside in a few hours, there may be bruising

4. Treatment time 1 hour

5. A course of 3-5 treatments are required

6. After consultation, you do not need to have treatment if you decide this procedure is not for you

MicroNeedling (DermaRoller) Prices

  • Facial Treatment (From)
  • Body Treatment
  • With PRP (From)

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