High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound (HIFU)

What is High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound (HIFU)?

Introducing the HIFU face lift! Facial rejuvenation without the need of surgery.

HIFU is a form of skin tightening that effectively targets: jowl line lifting, wrinkle reduction around your eyes, forehead, overall skin tightening, nasolabial fold reduction and neck/jawline tightening.

Using ultrasound, different layers of the skin are heated to produce a tightening effect.




Important Bits

1.Our staff are fully qualified to carry out this treatment.

2. No down time

3. Some results may be observed immediately, however full results will not be seen till 3-6 months post treatment.

4. This treatment takes between 30 minutes – 1 hour to complete

Price List

  • Under chin
  • Eye area, brow & forehead
  • Under chin & neck
  • Upper or lower face
  • Lower face & neck
  • Full face

For all enquiries & bookings…

  • Email info@butterflymedispa.co.uk

  • Phone 0141 353 1222