The Wedding Blog – An Introduction

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2019 is finally upon us! As well as an exciting time ahead for Butterfly MediSpa, at the forefront of our minds is ASHLEIGHS WEDDING!!

Ashleigh has her dress, my sisters and I have our Bridesmaids dresses & my Mum too, all that’s left to do now is frantically diet & begin our bridal party beauty.



This will be us at the wedding, having starved and stressed for the last 5 months!



Like many of our customers who come to us in preparation for their weddings, we have some work to do…
We will go through each of our treatments and show an ideal wedding preparation timeline, whether you want glowing skin or a fresher face (who doesn’t!) – we have a number of treatments to help you achieve your goals.

This blog post is not only for brides – there are treatments to suit Mothers of the Bride, Bridesmaids or Grand-Mothers of the bride – we couldn’t leave our Gran out!


Ashleighs Bridal party includes:

Bride: Ashleigh
Mother of the Bride: Lorna
Grand-mother of the Bride: Lynne
Bridesmaids: Lauren (me!), Erin & Sophie.


Our bridal party showcases a variety of ages and skin concerns. The important thing to remember with skincare and procedures is that one treatment will not magically transform you. You wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once and come back with a six pack!
You must take into consideration the number of treatments required and that you start them in plenty of time before your big day.

Before you consider treatments and procedures, we can’t stress how important it is to do your research and ensure you are going to a reputable clinic, with highly experienced Nurse Practitioner and Therapists. This is a very important day, you don’t want to have botched filler or anti-wrinkle injections!

When your mouth says I do – but your face says I don’t. 



Consultations are key, and if you’re considering a particular treatment, we recommend you do this at least six months before your wedding. This will give you sufficient time to consider treatments and establish a timeline for the treatments.

When I say timeline, I mean the time required to carry out the procedure & if you’re having a variation of treatments, they may have to be carried out alternatively from week to week, so you don’t damage your skin.
An example of this would be, if you are having your face treated with Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal & skin peels. Both these procedures can’t be carried out in the same week, which is why giving yourself plenty of time is so important!

Each of us in the bridal party have different treatment timelines, as we all require different treatments  – our next blog instalment will highlight our individual plans.

Thank you for reading the introductory post in our wedding blog, I hope you keep up to date with our journey & stresses! I’m not even getting married & I’m stressed! But like most things within our family & Butterfly MediSpa – we’re all in it together!

– Lauren x 


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